Your participation in the Perks10 Program (the “Program” formerly known as “Supper for Support”) is optional. By electing to opt in each restaurant location identified to the Program, you (i) certify that you are a duly authorized representative of the applicable restaurant(s) (collectively, “Restaurant”), and (ii) authorize Grubhub to offer promotional discounts to Grubhub customers in connection with the Program (“Promotions”) on behalf of Restaurant, subject to these terms. The Program is open to intended recipient restaurants only.

Term. If Restaurant elects to participate solely in Grubhub-Funded Promotions, Restaurant’s participation in the Program will terminate when Restaurant’s Grubhub-Funded Promotions funding is exhausted or expires as stated in the Grubhub-Funded Promotions offer from Grubhub (e.g. at the end of the calendar month). Otherwise, Restaurant’s participation in the Program will continue until (a) Restaurant opts out and cancels its participation in accordance herewith or (b) the Program ends. 

Promotions Funding. From time to time, Grubhub may offer to fund Promotions for Restaurant up to a stated dollar value (e.g. $250) (“Grubhub-Funded Promotions”). Restaurant understands and agrees that except for Grubhub-Funded Promotions, Restaurant will fund the full cost of redeemed Promotions up to the Restaurant’s selected budget, if any. Grubhub will fund Grubhub-Funded Promotions daily via statement credit(s) to Restaurant. Details with respect to the Program and Promotions, including but not limited to terms and conditions applicable to customers, will be determined by Grubhub in its sole discretion.

Cancellation & Opting Out. Restaurant may cancel its participation in the Program by completing and submitting the form at Restaurant must complete and submit the form on behalf of each Restaurant location individually if Restaurant wishes to opt out of multiple locations. 

Miscellaneous. Restaurant’s participation in the Program is subject to any written agreements between Restaurant and Grubhub (including Restaurant’s restaurant services agreement with Grubhub) as well as the Grubhub Terms of Use (collectively, the “Agreements”) which are hereby incorporated into these terms by reference. To the extent permitted by law, Grubhub reserves the right to modify these terms, provided that any changes will be posted on this page: