Smart Promotions: a powerful new way to build your business

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Our revolutionary new Smart Promotions tool puts the full power of Grubhub to work for your restaurant for free, helping you acquire new customers, turn your current customers into loyal fans, and boost your orders. Simply tell us how you’d like to grow your business, and we’ll deliver effective, constantly optimized customer rewards and loyalty programs that get results.

Here’s how it works. First, choose what matters most to your business, or a mix of all of them:

Gaining new customers

Our powerful targeting cuts through the noise, helping drive hungry new customers to your restaurant.

Nurturing customer loyalty

Loyalty programs turn your current customers into faithful fans your business can count on.

Boosting orders

Highly targeted promotions that effectively increase overall sales.

Next, choose how much you'd like to invest in your restaurant's growth.

Simply pick your dollar amount, and we’ll allocate it each month. For a limited time, we’ll match every dollar you invest toward promotions, up to 5% of your previous month’s sales.

Smarter reporting

The powerful reporting dashboard give you detailed info about your Smart Promotions.


View a snapshot of your Smart Promotions’ redemption and ROI by month or since launch.


See how much of your total budget you’ve spent, how much Grubhub has matched, and what percentage of your monthly budget remains.


Take a look at how adjusting your budget could impact your revenue

Promotion deals

Get data on how effective your promotions have been at reaching each of your goals

Ready to give it a try? You’re free to opt out at any time… but we bet you won’t want to once you see the results. Talk to your account advisor now!

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