Sunsetting Seamless Corporate Restaurants FAQ

What is the Seamless Corporate migration?

The Seamless Corporate platform ( will officially shut down at midnight on 6/1/2020. Starting 4/10/20, the Restaurants Team is reaching out to restaurant partners who are still listed on Seamless Corporate.

When will restaurants lose access to Seamless Corporate?

Beginning midnight on Monday 6/1/2020, restaurants will no longer be able to access the Seamless Corporate platform ( Restaurants and diners will instead be redirected to the new Grubhub Corporate platform (available at and

Will restaurants still receive orders from Grubhub?

If you already receive one or more order types on the new Grubhub Corporate platform (available at and, you will still receive orders and have access to Grubhub Corporate financial statements.

If you are not listed on the new Grubhub Corporate platform, you will no longer receive Grubhub orders. In order to continue receiving Group and/or Catering orders through Grubhub, we strongly recommend you reach out to [email protected] to be added to the new Grubhub Corporate platform.

How can I access Seamless Corporate financial statements after 5/29/2020?

Please reach out to Restaurant Care to receive these statements through 7/5/2020:

Where can I learn more about Group and/or Catering Orders?

Please visit the following links to learn more about Group Orders here and Catering on Grubhub here.