Perks makes your promotions more powerful

Perks is a new section in the Grubhub app that puts promotions front and center for hungry customers—making your deals easier to find and more effective.

Launch a promo

Build a new customer base

Restaurants who run dollar off promotions see an average of up to 40% more new customers during their promotion periods.

Get free marketing for your promotion

We’ll be driving new customers to the Perks tab in the Grubhub app—giving you more exposure for your deal!

Maximize exposure

Dollar off promotions are featured first in Perks, so use this type of discount to get more eyes on your deal sooner.

Boost orders

Restaurants who run dollar off promotions also see an average of up to 40% more orders during their promotion periods.

How to launch promotion:

1. Start with a goal

Whether you want to drive new business or capitalize on busy times, your goal sets the tone for success.

2. Create your promotion

Customize your offer, the amount, and when your promotion ends. Our platform lets you create the right offer for your business.

3. Measure performance

Use your promotions dashboard to track the customer redemptions, revenue, and average order size driven by each promotion.


How do I get my promotions included in the Perks section?

Who pays for the promotion?

How do I activate a promotion?

How do I end a promotion?