Supporting our restaurants during their most difficult days

For over 15 years Grubhub and Seamless (a New York-based takeout marketplace, part of the Grubhub portfolio of brands) have partnered with local restaurants. And when the pandemic hit, we stepped up and gave them support when they need it most.

How we helped

Gave hundreds of millions of dollars of support

Helped restaurant partners through increased marketing and promotions to drive demand, and equipped drivers with personal protective equipment to ensure safety

Provided options for marketing commission-free orders

Offered direct ordering links for restaurants to add online ordering directly to their website and bypass the marketing fee since the restaurant generated the demand

Raised $14 million for local communities

With the creation of the Grubhub Community Relief Fund our diners donated their change to charities providing financial relief to local restaurants and drivers.

Hear the stories

“We realized rather than looking at [Grubhub] as a third party, we look at it as an extension of us, as another way of getting our food delivered to our guests fast without having to build an infrastructure. So once we made that decision, it definitely helped our business.”

Vida Ali

Ben’s Chili Bowl

“Being partners with Seamless has been integral in getting through this time of the pandemic. Our takeout business has grown immensely, and Seamless has been largely responsible for that. And we can’t thank them enough for being partners with us.”

John Philis

Lexington Candy Shop

“Grubhub has helped the business run. They’ve always been there for us, and they’ve always been there for female restaurant owners as well. They’ve also asked us if we need to change things like deposit times to help during this time so we can get our deposits quicker.” 

Stephanie Vitori

Cheeseburger Baby

“Coronavirus has truly impacted sales, but the business has grown towards delivery. Seamless is providing us with drivers, it’s connecting us to our customers while they’re able to stay home safely.” 

Hamza Deib, Restaurant Owner

Taheni Mediterranean Grill

“Luckily, we have Grubhub to always be there to support us by providing a safe and delicious way to get our product in front of customers throughout the day.”

Mayly Tao

DK’s Donuts and Bakery

“Seamless has been a great partner with delivery and takeout being more important than ever. They really helped us find new customers as well as keep our old and make them as happy as possible.”

Sarah Schneider

Egg Shop

See the impact

7 out of 10 independent operators rank Grubhub highest among leading providers for attracting new customers to their restaurant.

Nearly 9 out of 10 independent operators agree that Grubhub increases the volume of takeout and delivery orders.

Eight of 10 independent operators agree that Grubhub increases customer frequency.