Grubhub for Hotels and Resorts

An easy way to streamline your foodservice and showcase on-premise restaurants in a whitelabeled space within the Grubhub app.

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With Grubhub you can:

Have a one-stop-shop

One place for all your foodservice technology needs, including point of sale and streamlined pick up.

Meet guests where they are

Let guests use the Grubhub app to order room service or pickup from all on-site restaurants, on-demand.

Offer a mobile ordering solution

Enable easy ordering and payments from on-site restaurants, helping to reduce wait times.

Streamline operations

Our tech can empower your team to deliver food straight to your guest rooms, and allow your visitors to pick up their meals from Grubhub smart lockers.

Save money

Unlock significant savings and reduce labor costs with mobile ordering.

Integrate with guest folios

When guests order food on Grubhub, they have the option of ordering from your restaurants and charging directly to their room or paying with a personal card.

With Grubhub you can:

Build your own branded experience within the Grubhub app

Customize ordering options, including enabling pickup and delivery for your restaurants and pool areas within the hotel

Let us handle the technology, while your staff focuses on curating an enjoyable guest experience

“Our partnership with Grubhub further expands our goal of providing guests with first-of-their-kind experiences at the resort. Resorts World Las Vegas is proud to offer our guests a convenient mobile-ordering solution for a variety of food, beverage and retail items across the property."

Scott Sibella President
Resorts World Las Vegas