GH+ Corporate 

Terms and Conditions

Subject to restaurant and delivery availability. Free delivery applicable on orders with a $12+ subtotal (before tax, tip, and fees) from Grubhub+ eligible restaurants only. Additional fees may apply and vary on orders. For a limited time, Grubhub will donate amounts equal to participating Grubhub+ members’ donations donated through Grubhub’s Donate the Change feature in connection with orders placed at Grubhub+ eligible restaurants only. Line of credit may not be used to make Donate the Change donations. Participation in Grubhub+ is subject to any applicable laws, rules, policies, and requirements that may apply regarding the receipt of gifts. Consistent with applicable laws and Grubhub policies, government entities, government-affiliated entities, and labor organizations (in each case, whether federal, state or local and whether in the United States or abroad) are not eligible to participate in Grubhub+. Subject to Grubhub+ Membership terms at