Delivery partners are the driving force of Grubhub, and we take their health and safety seriously in this time of need. We know that many customers and restaurants are counting on drivers to help them through this difficult time, and we want to ensure that our drivers feel supported.

If you are a Grubhub delivery partner who is unable to deliver because your health is impacted by COVID-19, we’re providing driver support pay to help with medical expenses and loss of income.

Grubhub provides driver support pay for drivers who have:

  • Been diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Been ordered by a public health authority or licensed medical provider to self-isolate due to a risk of spreading COVID-19
  • Have had their Grubhub for Drivers account individually restricted as a result of information provided to Grubhub by a public health authority regarding a risk of spreading COVID-19 (this does not include restrictions due to state or city wide mandates).

What drivers are eligible for driver support pay?

What does a driver need to submit to be considered for driver support pay?

How long will it take for a driver to receive driver support pay?

How will driver support pay be calculated?

Can drivers continue to deliver with Grubhub during the request process?

How long will the driver support pay approval process take?

Once approved for driver support pay, how long will it take for the payment to be processed?

If a driver meets eligibility requirements, how do they request support pay?

What will Grubhub do for drivers if a city shuts down Grubhub's service?