Corporate Campus Referral Terms

To further our goal of attracting and retaining clients for our campus client platforms, Grubhub Holdings Inc. (“Grubhub” ) has launched an employee referral program (the “Program”) to reward eligible Grubhub employees (“Employees” or “you”) who make successful referrals to our campus client platform ( the “Grubhub Campus Platform”). By participating in this Program, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these terms (the “Terms”).

EMPLOYEE ELIGIBILITY. Employees must be active, current Grubhub employees, working in a Grubhub office located in the United States (including all satellite offices) and maintain an active email address in order to be eligible for this Program and receive a campus client referral Reward described below. The following individuals may not participate and are excluded from this Program: (i) executives and officers of Grubhub; and (ii) Grubhub consultants, contractors, temporary employees, and interns.

REFERRAL PROCEDURES. To be eligible for a Reward, Employees must adhere to the following rules and procedures.

STEP ONE: Submitting a Referral. Employees may refer any individual (“Lead”) in connection with this Program. Eligible Leads must maintain professional relationships (i.e. own, operate, maintain employment or otherwise be contractually affiliated) with organizations that are currently not using Grubhub Campus Platform services, but that qualify for such services (each, an “Organization”). Each Conversion Event (defined below) is determined on a per-location basis, meaning that the same Organization may qualify for multiple Conversion Events if the Organization is located at more than one campus location or physical address, and such locations individually qualify for the Grubhub Campus Platform services (each, a “Location”).  In the event that one Organization has multiple locations, but satellite locations do not individually qualify for Grubhub Campus Services (e.g., operations at such satellite location are controlled by the Organization), then only the controlling location can qualify for a Conversion Event. Subject to the Campus Sales team limitations below, Employees may refer any Lead regardless of Location, but Employees will only earn Rewards for Conversion Events (defined below) that take place in markets actively served by the Grubhub Campus Platform.

Each Employee must complete all mandatory fields in the Corporate Campus Client Referral Entry Form available at  (the “Entry Form”) and successfully submit the Entry Form online for each individual Lead. When completing the Entry Form, Employees must include accurate information and enter his/her individual email address.

Once the Employee submits the completed Entry Form, the Lead will be automatically assigned to a Grubhub sales representative. Automatic email alerts will be sent that either: (a) notify the referring Employee that the Lead is not served by the campus service network,  or (b) notify the Lead that they have been referred by the Employee. After the Lead is assigned to a sales representative, the representative will then initiate the sales process and contact the Lead.

A Lead associated to a Location that is currently associated with a Grubhub campus account will not qualify.

Grubhub Campus Sales team members may not submit Leads in connection with this Program that are located within the territory in which they work, and shall not be entitled to any Reward (defined below) in connection with any signed sales agreement between Grubhub and the account associated to such Lead.

Entry Forms submitted in person or through means other than at the above URL will not qualify. Referrals will automatically expire one (1) year after the corresponding Entry Form is received. If a Lead’s market is not served by Grubhub Campus at the time of the Employee referral but the market launches at a later point in time, the Employee will be eligible for a Reward upon a Conversion Event within one (1) year following the applicable market launch.

STEP TWO: Conversion Event. In order for an Employee or a Lead to be eligible for a Reward, a binding Grubhub Campus Platform sales agreement between Grubhub and the Lead’s respective Location must be signed by both Grubhub and the Location (“Conversion Event”).

STEP THREE: Reward. Employees may be individually eligible to earn Rewards in connection with this Program. Once a Conversion Event occurs, (1) the applicable Employee will receive an email notification of the Conversion Event and receive a $400 Grubhub gift card or a prize of equivalent value, determined by Grubhub in its sole discretion, and (2) the applicable Lead will receive an email notification of the Conversion Event, and the campus account resulting from the Conversion Event and associated to the Lead will receive a $400 Grubhub gift card to the extent legally permissible (each, a “Reward”).  Gift card terms and restrictions apply. Grubhub eGift Cards are for use at or in the Grubhub app and are subject to Grubhub’s Terms of Use (available at, Privacy Policy (available at, and Gift Card terms of use (available at Grubhub will issue applicable Reward(s) within a reasonable period of time following the Conversion Event.

If multiple referrals are submitted for the same Location, the Employee who first completed and submitted the Entry Form listing the Lead in a market actively served by the Grubhub Campus Platform will be the only Employee to receive the applicable Reward in connection with the Conversion Event.

If there are multiple Locations with different accounts subject to the sales agreement signed in connection with the Conversion Event, the campus account most closely related to the Lead, as may be determined by Grubhub in its reasonable judgment, shall receive the Reward, to the extent legally permissible.

In the event the sales agreement associated with the Organization is tied to multiple Locations that will be served separately by the Grubhub Campus Platform, the Employee who referred the account may be eligible for up to two (2) Rewards.  

In order to be eligible for a Reward, Employees must be actively employed by Grubhub at the time of the Conversion Event.

No Employee may receive more than $20,000 USD in value in Rewards in connection with this Program.

ADDITIONAL RULES & RESTRICTIONS. When participating in this Program, Employees are required to act ethically, professionally, and in accordance with the law. Employees must adhere to all Grubhub policies, including but not limited to the Grubhub Code of Business Conduct and Ethics in addition to those policies and laws relating to customer privacy and anti-bribery, including the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (collectively, “Applicable Laws”). Employees should also be sensitive to and observe the Lead’s applicable policies and corresponding codes of ethics. This Program will not apply to any Leads or potential clients that are: (i) government entities, (ii) government-affiliated entities, or (iii) any labor organization; in each case, whether federal, state or local and whether in the United States or abroad, consistent with Applicable Laws as well as Grubhub’s own policies.  Employees who violate these Applicable Laws or policies, or who otherwise attempt to improperly seek a Reward, may be subject to discipline, up to and including termination. Grubhub, in its sole discretion, may reject and/or not pursue any referrals or Leads submitted. Further, Grubhub may, in its sole discretion, decline to provide the Reward following a Conversion Event to any Employee if Grubhub determines that doing so would violate these Terms or applicable law. In the event that an individual is in any manner abusing or sending in fraudulent or fake referrals or Leads, Grubhub may block all future referrals from such individuals in its sole discretion.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT. By participating in this Program, Employees acknowledge that they have read and understand the Terms and agree to comply. Employees further acknowledge that Grubhub reserves the right as permitted by law to interpret, administer, change, modify or delete this Program or any portion thereof at any time, with or without notice. No statement or representation by a supervisor or manager or any other employee, whether oral or written, can supplement or modify these Terms. Employees also understand that any delay or failure by Grubhub to enforce any work policy or rule will not constitute a waiver of Grubhub’s right to do so in the future. Employees understand that neither these Terms nor any other communication by a management representative or any other employee, whether oral or written, is intended in any way to create a contract of employment. Employees acknowledge that, unless they have a written employment agreement signed by an authorized Grubhub representative, Employees are employed at-will and this Program does not modify their at-will employment status. In the event that an Employee maintains a written employment agreement signed by an authorized Grubhub representative and this Program conflicts with the terms of that employment agreement, the terms of the Employee’s employment agreement will control. Any Reward issued under this Program is subject to applicable taxes. 

ADMINISTRATION. The Grubhub Corporate Marketing Team is responsible for the administration of this Corporate Campus Referral Program, including resolving any disputes involving referrals. If you have any questions regarding this policy or if you have questions about referrals that are not addressed in these Terms, please contact [email protected].