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Discover Grubhub campus dining

A profitable way to elevate your dining program and provide the mobile ordering technology your students love.

A one-stop shop

From streamlining orders to managing delivery, Grubhub Campus is your answer. 

A mobile-first approach

Make it easy for students to order from any on-campus venue with their phones—creating a safer, contactless dining experience.

Innovative dining model

Grubhub Campus makes you a pioneer in campus dining technology with options spanning mobile-ordering to robot delivery and smart locker pickup.

Brand recognition

Your students already know our name. In fact, we’re already on most of their phones, so there’s no learning curve. They can order with ease on day one!

Partnership approach

We’re here to support you with dedicated account management, turnkey deployment, custom menu development, co-branded marketing, customer service and ongoing merchant support. 

"Students enjoy the convenience of self-ordering opportunities, and we’ve seen demand for our foodservice operations increase since installation across our campus. It increased the efficiency of our operation while providing a service that is highly desired by our students."
Zia Ahmed
Senior Director, The Ohio State University