Grubhub Corporate Self-Service Sign-Up FAQ

What does a corporate account provide?

  • A Grubhub corporate account provides you with the ability to easily control and customize employees’ food ordering abilities and spend
  • A corporate account supports use cases such as in-office meals, work-from-home meals, happy hours, and virtual events such as webinars on a one-time or recurring basis.

What is a virtual event?

  • Virtual events have become increasingly popular during COVID-19 as they allow companies to connect employees, prospects, or other stakeholders together on a video call with an incentive to attend.
    • Example: An educational webinar where all participants are given an $X stipend to use for a meal to encourage them to join.

What do you mean by “one-time” vs “recurring”?

  • One-time events are events that happen once on a specific day, like a happy hour.
    • Example: A specific group of employees are given $X for a given day in a given week.
  • Recurring events are events that happen every day or week on a regular basis, like a repeating meal stipend.
    • Example: All employees are given $X to use as they please in a given week, every week.

What happens after I submit my self service form?

  • We will set up your account within 24 hours and reach out to you to add a form of payment to the account.
  • Once a form of payment has been added to the account, your account will be ready to use and we will provide further instructions on how to get started.
  • If you are setting up a virtual event, an onboarding specialist will set up an intro call to make sure participant emails are successfully added.

Why is Grubhub running a credit check on my company?

  • By signing up for a corporate account, Gruhhub allows your food program participants to purchase food on a line of credit. This means that food is ordered and fulfilled first and paid for at a later date. In order to extend this benefit to you, we run a credit check.